A student scams 5.7 million euros through a fake Covid-19 test center

A student scams 5.7 million euros through a fake Covid-19 test center

In Germanya 19-year-old man was tried by the court in Freiburg im Breisgau on Monday for setting up a fake test center online in early 2021 Covid. The young man allegedly fraudulently pocketed 5.7 million euros, according to our colleagues Latest News from Alsace (DNA). He was 17 at the time of the incident.

Between March and June 2021, the defendant charged more than 492,000 counterfeits tests Covid at the Kassenärtzlichen Vereinigung (KV), an association of doctors contracted by the German health insurance services. On the basis of a simple invoice, this association reimbursed the costs to the test center without verifying that it corresponded to 5,000 tests per day, a figure far too high.

Sentenced to a minor sentence

On the KV website, the young man, who had mentioned this project ofscam in a bar with a few friends, had given the address of the fictitious center that of the flow of drinks in question. According to our colleagues DNA, it was an employee of the bank where the young man was a customer who gave the alert. The latter was surprised to see the student’s income on his bank account skyrocket.

The police intervened and the money was donated to the KV association. Minor at the time of the facts, the accused was sentenced to a one-year suspension during which he must not commit any offense. If he persists, no sanctions will be imposed on him. The court also forced him to pay 1,500 euros to a public utility.

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