a roadmap to better fight the disease

a roadmap to better fight the disease

After 4 months of consultation, the ARS Martinique and its operator, the Martinique Regional Oncology Platform, have defined a territorial roadmap for the fight against cancer for the period 2022 – 2025. It is adapted to the specific needs of our territory.

The Martinique Regional Health Agency has piloted the development of an operational cancer roadmap to best meet regional needs, specificities and priorities. It is part of the ten-year strategy to fight cancer, announced by Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic in 2021.

This roadmap revolves around the 4 axes:

  • Better prevent and detect

  • Coordinate the actors for better follow-up and increased quality of life for patients

  • Reduce support times et offer support to ensure equal opportunities

  • Fighting inequality

These 4 priorities are divided into 25 operational actions. The latter will be implemented, under the operational coordination of the Martinique Regional Oncology Platform by local actors and various other partners and stakeholders until 2025.

The deployment of the actions will be monitored by a regional governance adapted to be as close as possible to the professionals and users of the health system and the latter will be invited to communicate their feelings on the actions carried out, the margins of progress and their information needs during citizen consultations to be organized by the Territorial Health Committee (CTS)“, Says the ARS.

Cancer in Martinique in numbers

On our island, 1,583 cancers are diagnosed each year. This disease is the leading cause of premature death before the age of 65. The same is true in the Hexagon. It is also the leading cause of overall death in men and the second leading cause of death in women. Nearly 730 cancer deaths are reported each year.

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