a possibly excluded country, Chile drafted?

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They were thought to qualify as regulars, in the end this would not be the case for the Ecuadorians, who would have played a certain Byron Castillo in the national team, whose name has resonated in all corners of South America for several weeks. Last month, Chile, who finished 6th in their continental group qualifiers for the World Cup qualifiers, filed a complaint with FIFA to challenge the nationality of Byron Castillo, who, contrary to the facts, is said to have been born. in Colombia. Since then, it has been making a lot of noise, and despite the denials, rumors persist, proving that this would be possible.

Yesterday, Sports World relayed information from Aztec TV, a Mexican channel, announcing that Byron Castillo, after investigation, would be truly Colombian, validating the Chilean thesis. As a result, the Ecuadorian Federation has failed and could see its selection excluded from the World Cup, which is in Group A with Qatar, Senegal and the Netherlands. If we follow this path, Chile could be drafted. However, tweezers should be taken… Case to follow.

To summarize

If this is confirmed, it will be a real earthquake a few months before the start of the competition, Ecuador could be ruled out for having played a player who is not of Ecuadorian nationality, but Colombian.

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