A mysterious ancient skeleton of a woman on an uncovered "mermaid bed"

A mysterious ancient skeleton of a woman on an uncovered “mermaid bed”

This is a fascinating discovery that archaeologists have just made near the town of Kozani, in northern Greece. The latter have unearthed a very old tomb whose body and ornaments resting on it are particularly intriguing.

The skeleton revealed is that of a woman who lived in the first century BC, Science Alert reports. Given the decorations and artifacts found around her, she probably came from a very wealthy background at the time, and may even have been part of a royal family.

Gold threads were indeed present on the woman’s hands, while her head was covered with golden laurel leaves, like a majestic crown. And these are far from the only elements that have caught the attention of archaeologists.

The ancient skeleton was in fact placed on a bronze bed, the poles of which represented magnificent mesmerizing mermaids. A bird holding a snake in its mouth, the quintessential symbol of ApolloGreek god of music and beauty, was engraved on the bed.

Surrounded by mystery

A particularly high-ranking Greek woman who lived 2,100 years ago is the only information that archaeologists have today. Analyzes are now underway to determine his age at death and the causes of his death.

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The area where this discovery was made is also shrouded in mystery. Why? Because very little is known about Kozani at that time, except that it was near a major town called Mavropigi, adds the scientific media. A city that housed in particular a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo.

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