a high-speed train derails, the driver killed

a high-speed train derails, the driver killed

The driver of a high-speed train was killed and several passengers were injured in a derailment on Saturday in Guizhou province in southern China, official media reported. The train, which was heading to Guangdong Province, also in the south of the country, derailed after rolling over debris near a tunnel, according to public broadcaster CCTV.

Videos released by several Chinese media showed the locomotive being sprayed by the impact, with the rest of the train remaining largely intact. These videos also showed scenes of chaos in one of the cars after the crash, passengers screaming in the middle of their luggage and food scattered on the ground.

According to CCTV, the driver died. One controller and seven passengers were hospitalized but “their lives are not in danger». Fatal accidents are rare on China’s largest high-speed rail network. In 2011, about 40 people were killed in a high-speed train accident in Wenzhou, near Shanghai.


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