A greener plate: how to rearrange your diet?

A greener plate: how to rearrange your diet?

Our food choices are shifting to more plant-based foods. But stopping eating meat and fish does not improvise, it is important to reorganize your diet to avoid deficiencies.

“The average individual consumption of meat has been declining in Belgium for several years. There are various reasons for this evolution, including ecological, philosophical, economic, and so on. There are different ways of feeding called ” vegetarian Which range from (pesco-) lacto-ovo vegetarianism to veganism. These behavioral changes toward a form of vegetarianism have environmental benefits (reduction of carbon footprint, biodiversity, etc.). They can also exercise effects on our health positive reducing the incidence of certain diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers) but also foreseeable risks and therefore potentially preventable deficiencies in essential nutrients, ”explains the Superior Council of Health. The more restricted a diet, the greater the risk of deficit. Not to mention that depending on the age of life, nutritional needs are important and require a varied diet.

What to watch out for?

Proteins : their biological quality is lower in plants. Combine protein sources (dairy, eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds…);

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA : not consuming fish, seafood and eggs leads to less intake. To remedy this, it is necessary to consume eggs enriched in omega-3, it is also possible to consume oils rich in LNA (such as linseed oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil), because from the beginning of this fatty acid, l the body will be able to synthesize fatty acids;

Calcium and vitamin D. : This should not be a concern if you are a lacto- (ovo) vegetarian and you are consuming dairy products regularly. Those who do not consume dairy products should be careful to eat calcium-rich vegetables and fruits, calcium-rich water, and fortified products. In Belgium, we lack sunshine, and our bodies lack vitamin D. Remember to take vitamin D food supplements;

Vitamin B12 : It is only found in foods of animal origin. It is therefore essential to consume fortified foods and / or dietary supplements;

Zinc : more are found in products of animal than vegetable origin: to compensate for this, eat whole grains, legumes, nuts and oilseeds;

Iodine : it is found in bread prepared with iodized salt, and in iodized table salt.

Help yourself to nutritional supplements

Diets with little or no animal products often involve the use of new targeted vitamin complexes. Their formulation will preferably be vegan and contains the nutrients particularly present in food of animal origin. Vista Vegatabs contains the most important vitamins and minerals that help reduce fatigue (vitamins B2, B12, C, iron) and support the immune system (vitamins D, B12, C, iron, zinc and selenium) in a formula without a single ingredient of animal origin, neither in the active ingredients nor in the excipients. Even the vitamin D in Vista Vegatabs is of plant origin. Vista Vegatabs is therefore perfectly suited to people who preferentially or exclusively consume foods of plant origin.

Vista Vegatabs is made in Belgium and available in pharmacy and online pharmacy at an extremely competitive price: EUR 10.95 for 60 tablets or 2 months of treatment.

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