A Disneyland Paris employee interrupts a marriage proposal, the management apologizes

A Disneyland Paris employee interrupts a marriage proposal, the management apologizes

A marriage proposal is always a special moment. For many years, Disney parks have often been the scene of those moments that add magic to the “magic” of the giant park’s theme parks.entertainment American. So no less than in the other parks in the group, get on your knees and ask your future fiancée Disneyland Paris is not a rarity. This Friday, an American was determined to do so in front of the park’s famous castle when the romance of the moment was dryly thwarted. A scene captured on video and shared thousands of times on social media, to the point of outrage.

This “magical” moment was shared on Thursday on the Reddit platform across the Atlantic and shows a couple preparing to immortalize their love. One can hear in the crowd that gathered an exclamation of an “aww” full of tenderness in front of the stage. But as the man pulled the box out of the ring, a member of the animation crews of Disneyland Paris approaches, grabs the ring and signals the couple to get off the stage! A truly embarrassing gesture that immediately provoked strong disapproval from the witnesses.

Apologies from Disneyland Paris

According to the video, the couple were in a seemingly restricted area, but their access was already authorized by another Disneyland Paris employee, as confirmed by the couple’s best friend who posted the video. on Reddit. The decorum of this small promontory right in front of the Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, surely aimed to make this moment even more magical.

The Disney employee who appears in the video with Mickey’s ears as a headdress then addresses the groom. “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.”

The video quickly went viral and was viewed hundreds of thousands of times. According to several American media, Disneyland Paris apologized to the couple. “We regret the way this has been handled. We apologized to the couple concerned and offered to fix things, ”the park said. Damage all the same for the image of the park while a commercial offer of marriage proposal exists on the Disneyland Paris website.

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