51 confirmed cases in France

51 confirmed cases in France

A new assessment this Friday. France now has 51 “confirmed” cases of infection at virus of the smallpoxaccording to health authorities.

Of the total, set at 2pm this Friday, 37 cases were reported in Ile-de-France, 6 in Occitania, 4 in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 2 in Normandy, 1 in the Hauts-de-France and 1 in Center-Val-de-Loire, according to figures from Public Health France (SPF). A new updated balance sheet will be released on Tuesday. The previous one reported 33 confirmed cases Wednesday.

No deaths

Public Health France states that of the confirmed cases as of June 2 – 45 in number – 43 were investigated (one refused this investigation and another could not be joined). “All the cases investigated are men, aged between 22 and 63,” said SPF. “Two are immunocompromised, one has been hospitalized but is no longer hospitalized; none died ”.

Among the reported cases, “22 traveled abroad before the onset of their symptoms, some in several different countries,” adds SPF. But most say they can’t identify the person who allegedly contaminated them.

Recommended vaccination

Monkeypox is the most common benign disease, but its spread outside endemic areas such as West Africa remains a source of concern.

The Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, said last week that the authorities did not expect a “outbreak” of the disease, and that the country had sufficient stocks of vaccines for people in contact. In the face of monkeypox cases, the High Health Authority recommended vaccinating adults, including health professionals, who had risky contact with a patient on May 24th.

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