📰 The zonal winds of Jupiter

📰 The zonal winds of Jupiter

Everyone recognizes the gas giant Jupiter for its mysterious colored bands. They are created by atmospheric hydrogen winds, called zonal winds, which flow from east to west, or vice versa, and can reach speeds of 500 km / h. They have more or less colored clouds, the tint of which reflects the presence of various secondary chemical compounds (ammonia, water (Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone …)…). We also observe vortex structures and their traces. The largest and most famous is the big red spot (Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a giant anticyclone in Jupiter’s atmosphere …)discovered in 1665, a anticyclone (An anticyclone is an area of ​​atmospheric circulation around a high pressure center ….) approximately 15,000 km long, more than the diameter (In a circle or a sphere, the diameter is a line segment that passes through the center …) from Earth (Earth is the third planet in the Solar System in order of distance …).

Jupiter seen through the probe cassini (The Cassini-Huygens mission is an automatic space mission carried out in collaboration with …). This is the full portrait at color (Color is the subjective perception of the eye of one or more wave frequencies …) the most detailed ever made of it planet (A planet is a celestial body orbiting the Sun or another star in …). It was produced by assembling high-resolution photographs taken by Cassini, a day (The day or the day is the interval that separates the sunrise from the sunset; it is the …) before its passage closer to the star.
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TheThe atmosphere of Jupiter (Jupiter’s atmosphere is the most important of the planets’ atmospheres …) has no precise lower limit and mixed (A mixture is an association of two or more solid, liquid or gaseous substances …) gradually to the fluids of the planet, Jupiter being essentially constituted liquid (The liquid phase is a state of matter. In this form, matter is …) and of gas (A gas is a set of atoms or molecules very weakly attached and …). Therefore, it is legitimate to ask whether the movements observed in surface (A surface usually refers to the surface layer of an object. The term a …) they extend inside the planet or are confined to the outer atmospheric layer. This is a very old question, which has remained unanswered for over 50 years, and two types of models are opposed. Surface models, extracted from the modeling of atmospheres, consider that zonal winds would be produced by surface vortices, such as the large spot. red (The color red responds to different definitions, depending on the color system we are doing …). Deep models, drawn from the modeling of planetary liquid nuclei, estimate that zonal winds would be the manifestation of deep vortices.

In 2018, the mission June measured the rural area (A field corresponds to a notion of defined space 🙂 the gravity of Jupiter is a hundred times more accurate than it had been before. Everyone asymmetry (Asymmetry is the absence of symmetry, or its inverse. In nature, crabs …) in this field it would be the sign of a structure intern (In France, this name designates a doctor, a pharmacist or a dental surgeon, in …) complex, as a flow of subject matter (Matter is the substance that forms any body that has a tangible reality. It is …). And precisely these measures revealed a field of gravity (Gravity is one of the four fundamental interactions of physics.) asymmetric: the planet’s attraction is not the same in the hemisphere north (North is a cardinal point, opposite south.) and in thesouthern hemisphere (The southern hemisphere or southern hemisphere is half the globe …).

The zonal winds observed in the northern hemisphere are different from those in the hemisphere south (The south is a cardinal point, opposite the north.), and this discovery means, therefore, that they are deep enough to alter gravity. Using models, scientists have been able to determine that they are present up to 3000 km deep, well below the thin surface layer. Swirls visible on the surface are probably shallow (

However, the results of the models do not allow us to conclude with certainty or accurately locate the origin of the deep zonal winds: in the area. dynamo (Abbreviation for dynamoelectric, dynamo refers to a DC machine that operates on …)on thehydrogen (Hydrogen is a chemical element with symbol H and atomic number 1.) it becomes metallic, or in the intermediate zone between the dynamosphere and theatmosphere (The word atmosphere can have several meanings 🙂 ? A good measure of the temporal evolutions of the magnetic field (In physics, the magnetic field (or magnetic induction, or flux density …) Jovian would look for deep vortices to answer these questions.

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